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1 Riley Street,

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Principals Welcome Page

On behalf of the staff, students, families of our school and Innisfail community, I warmly welcome you to Radiant Life College. I am extremely proud and honored to be the principal and to have the opportunity to support and care for our most precious resource – our children.

Situated in Far North Queensland, we are a family orientated school with a current enrolment of 97 students. At Radiant Life College, each child is cherished and celebrated for their uniqueness. The staff continue to encourage and support each child in reaching their full potential through our extensive academic and wellbeing programs implemented at the college. Our teachers are committed to providing individualised and innovative teaching programs that promote and support the educational development of our students.

We have a strong Prep to year 7 program that involves and engages students, parents and the Innisfail community. At Radiant Life College we proudly celebrate our multicultural society with a strong emphasis on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Our school motto of “Teaching, reaching and learning through Christ Jesus” encompasses our connection with the Yeshua of Tabernacle Church located on the school grounds. Through prominent Christian values, our Radiant Life College Ten Commandments allow our children to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and set a positive example for all they encounter.

Children at Radiant Life College engage in breakfast and lunch programs, cultural dancing and lessons from community elders, health and emotional wellbeing workshops, music, art and an extensive sporting program that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle. Students participate in daily prayer as well as pastoral support from our church leaders who are actively involved in the learning of our students. Our children are highly motivated learners who continue to put their education first with an outstanding average attendance rate of 98%.

Parents are always encouraged to communicate with teachers and school leaders with any areas of interest or concerns. The Radiant Life College staff are dedicated and enthusiastic professional educators that continually bring a wealth of knowledge and commitment towards developing and guiding our students towards reaching their full potential over their primary school years. The caring, friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Radiant Life College allows our students to actively thrive in a safe and supportive learning environment.

As principal, my aim is to continue to support each individual student and family. My door is always open to any parent and child wishing to join our beautiful Radiant Life College family. I welcome and encourage you to join with us in continuing to guide and celebrate the education of our leaders of tomorrow.